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Solar Saving You Money, See If You Qualify Now!!!

With SouthWest Solar you can save money on your electric bill.


Southwest solar has helped a diverse range of customers with their Solar and Energy Efficiency needs. We offer a variety of options for schools, community organizations, and businesses to reduce bills, increase cash flow and move towards energy independence.


Quality equipment, affordable finance options, legendary customer service. We have installed thousands of solar panels on homes and sheds, leaving a trail of happy customers in our wake.

New construction

SouthWest Solar provides the full range of management, procurement, design and construction services to complete a utility – scale solar project.


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Why Go Solar?

Imagine a world without electric bills. It is easy if you try. Electric bills are a huge portion of most homes and commercial budgets. Over the PV systems 25-30 year life cycle, you will be able to drastically reduce your electric bills, and in some cases, eliminate electric bills. Electric rates are volatile and electricity bills are steadily rising. Remove your home or commercial property from this cycle.

Contact us today and go solar.

Don’t think of your solar panel as an expense, think of solar panels as an investment that pays a substantial return. Once you see and feel the savings from a reduced electric bill, you will be one happy homeowner or business owner.

Contact us today to find out how to take advantage of the power of the sun.

Energy prices can seem like a roller coaster ride. One month your bill is normal and the next month you are paying more than double. This unsteady and unpredictable cycle can make it hard for homeowners and business owners to manage budgets.

Once you go solar and make the move to have SouthWest Solar install your solar photovoltaic system, you will see a steady decline in your electric bill. Declining energy costs, doesn’t that sound much better than rising energy costs?

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If you plan to sell your home or building at some time in the future, those equipped with solar energy systems will have a higher resale value. In fact, studies have shown that homes and buildings with PV systems sell twice as fast and can bring up to 4% more that those in the same neighborhood. The installation of solar panels will increase home values.

Southern California is the ideal location to have solar panels installed on a rooftop.

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Don’t just “think green”, act it. One of the driving forces behind the installation of solar energy systems is due to sustainability and creating as minimal as an impact on the environment as you can. The EPA states that the average household emits about 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year, contributing to increasing health problems and climate change. Ditch dirty energy sources and make the switch to solar energy.

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Who we are

Large company with awesome people & tools

Southwest Solar has a team of experience, skilled professionals, who offer a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and expertise across a variety of fields, with core strength in research and development, engineering , solar project development, and finance.

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We are one of leading independent suppliers of quality commercial and residential solar energy and power cost saving technology and are here to help you and your business.

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I want to recommend southwest solar , Very professional and reliable On time service The crow was polite and respect our property and must important the respected our privacy I highly recommend working with them Thank you southwest

Meir S.

Southwest solar saved me more then $2500 a year with the new system that they install in my home. And also they gave me very good deal on the Finance. Thank you guys I will definitely will refer them to my family and friends.

Joe M.

Very useful and very professional! Highly recommend Southwest solar company!! Very straight forward and a job well done!! Definitely first choice!

Joseph C.

I highly recommend anyone that's interested  in solar to contact the owner Asher. He has a great team of professionals, there very well organized & trustworthy. Not just that going GREEN has made me save a lot of money!!!! Thx u.

Jon R.

There were so many questions and concerns my family and I had regarding solar installations. After researching through various companies who install, I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon Southwest Solar.  They answered every question and offered a wide variety of packages and in the end we found the perfect affordable package. My family and I are extremely satisfied with the product and the professionalism this company offers. If you are going solar , consider Southwest Solar.

Monserrat Z.

My experience with Southwest was terrific. They came with great references from my realestate  agent. After they went over my electrical bills with me they were able to show me the value in  changing to solar .  The field technicians and the office staff communicated with us very well and frequently. I compared their pricing to two of the larger companies out there and they were  very competitive in pricing.  Over all was a good experience and I would be happy to refer them to my friends and family

Mike W.

Southwest solar is giving me the best price for my solar panels and I am going with LG Neon R panels which are priced a bit cheaper than Sunpower panels with the same quality. Eddie is the best project manager and I strongly recommend this company. Thank you guys.

Raul C.

I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge and experience and the speed in witch Southwest Solar has installed my solar panels. The staff is courteous, very supportive, very professional. I am so happy with there work. I have great savings on my electricity bill now.

Shawn B.

Thank you so much Southwest Solar! Going solar with your Company was the best . Thanks for making the process smooth.

Krysten M.

I just got my solar panels installed by these guys and I loved how professional they were. They got the job done quickly and on time which was very important to me and my husband. Also the guys were very nice and respectful of our property. I 100% recommend Southwest Solar!

Alexis S.

Amazing!!! No more electricity bills I've got my solar panels installed today the process was very fast the installation was clean and the installers was very kind and professional I recommend southwest solar for your solar project

Erez M.

Southwest Solar came out and did an installation for us about two months ago. They were very easy to work with, their crew was professional and polite, and they had very competitive pricing. In fact, of all the companies we received quotes from these guys by far have us the best price. We just got our first electric bill since the install and the difference is enormous. I really couldn't believe how much we're saving. I also appreciate that they were happy to answer any follow up questions we had as a solar system was new to us and the first few weeks we had a few things pop up that we were curious about. We've had no issues with our system and overall my husband and I are very satisfied customers. I would certainly recommend them.

Jessie H.

First off I'd like to say this has by far been the best business customer interaction I've ever had. I was skeptical At first going into this as I've never owned anything solar at all but knew it would benefit my family in the long run. Asher answered all my questions and got me all situated. Day of installation the work crew was respectable and very clean I'm really glad I had this pleasant experience.

Meliton V.

So happy I decided to use these guys. Everything they've shown me on paper is exactly what it is after being installed. No hidden fees or anything like most of the other places I was shopping around with. Cameron the installer that was in charge of my home was excellent at answering all of my bothersome questions even though he was hard at work with his crew. 10/10 would recommend.

Kody C.

Thank you south west solar for the money you saved me,i reieved my first bill and was shocked they saved me over $200.I was skeptical at first,but now im so glad i got solar,the crew was so helpful and friendly,i didnt think i could afford it,but they were really reasonable, thank you, im going to recommend you to all my friends

Sondra B.

I am so happy with my solar panels for my house ..these guys are great what the do!!!! I got a great price,great service,and  a great a installation... thanks francisco and Gerson!!! And I want to recommend Southwest Solar very professional and great company......

Francisco F.

A huge thank you to the team at Southwest Solar, as we have just completed our project which included building our home and installing solar. We were blessed to have such great teamwork as Southwest had to co- ordinate with our architect and general contractor, months of planning, so we could get the most curb appeal. There were  many delays due to weather but the Southwest team never complained and the end result was amazing . Install was completed quickly, clean up and inspection followed the next day, but even better was when they called a few days later to inform us we could turn on our system, and they showed us how to do it!

Shelley K.

I would like to thank Southwest Solar for fixing our old roof and lowering our electric bills. My parent's retirement has always been a worry for my siblings and I when it comes to paying our bills. 1 bill off our shoulders definitely helped out. Also, the roof has been needing some work so having it done without paying anything out of pocket and being able to save up for it at the same time is a big help. Thank you, Hero, for this great program. Thank you Southwest for a clean work. I will definitely refer them to my friends and family.

Tima R.

We originally hired Titan Solar for our church solar project and they handed it off to Southwest Solar, which made me a little nervous at first, but SW did excellent work. They completed everything in January 2018 and it's working marvelously. They are quick to call back and so far they have taken care of any issue we've had. Now our savings are rolling in. Thanks Eddie and everyone at SW Solar!

Matt B.

I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge and experience and the speed in witch Southwest Solar has installed my solar panels. The staff is courteous, very supportive, very professional. I am so happy with there work. I have great savings on my electricity bill now.

Eliram S.

I've had calls from telemarketers selling home improvement. As a homeowner, it comes with your landline. I did everything I could to make my home modern but they still kept calling. I told them I don't have money anymore and because of these new gadgets I installed at my house, my electric went haywire. One day I received a call from Tatyana telling me I can lower my bill, increase my property value and have a tax write off from my property tax by installing solar. I told her those things are expensive because someone pitched me before to go green. She told me I won't have to put a deposit or anything out of pocket so I decided to have their rep come by since it sounded too good to be true. Living in Lancaster, we have perfect sun exposure so my home automatically qualifies. Not only they installed the panels faster than what I expected, they also gave me a free iPad so I can see how much each panels produce energy. The representative Sharon explained to me every details I needed to know about the Hero program and how I can use this s installation on my taxes. I must admit, it sounded really sketchy but I just did my taxes with my CPA and I couldn't believe the deduction and the benefit I'm getting from this technology. I asked her for 25 business cards for my colleagues and family. If only my relatives in Oregon has the sun like California does. Oh well. Highly recommended!

Larry S.

My electricity consumption was ridiculous, I was paying way too much for my utility bill. Southwest Solar was recommended to me by a family member and at first, I was  very hesitant after hearing so much horror stories with contractors. But since I read the reviews here and my brother vouched for them, I called their office and spoke to Donna. Leo, my brother's representative, came by and we were impressed by the presumed savings, so we moved forward. What impressed me most, was Donna calling me almost every week with project updates and including me on all emails. The installation took less than a week and after first month of installation, my bill went lower than estimated!! I am thankful for my brother recommending them to me and recommend/suggest you contact them as well if you're tired of the cost of your utility expenses!

Shana D.

Southwest solar has done a great job, Everyone from the company was extremely professional from start to finish.  They maintained good communication with me throughout the several month process of getting permits approved and parts ordered.  I would (and have) recommend Southwest solar company to anyone looking for a solar solution.

Revital A.

My mom has high electric bills and is on disability. I decided to go solar because of the programs my family and neighbors have been talking about. A friend of mine referred Southwest Solar to me so I decided to give them a call to see if my mom's house would qualify for having solar. The representative that came explained to us what every project has to offer. She had perfect sun exposure with no trees and they were able to put it on the back roof of her house. The whole team has been knowledgeable about the project and they were fast with the whole process. The installers were very friendly too. They clean after themselves, they were very clean, professional and they even gave us donuts! I would recommend them to anybody that wants to lower their bill with renewable energy.

Ravit L.

My company looked at multiple solar providers. We went with South West Solar because they beat the competitors by simply being able to provide me the right quote. It was refreshing to see that this company actually follows up and cares about the installation - they were surprisingly fast with install and very adept in handling the city. Above all else our company received a system that was the exact size we needed for our energy usage, while other companies seemed to have a difficult time to do so. Currently recommending this to other businesses in the area.

Roy K.

My wife initially got quotes from 3 different solar companies and we decided to go with South West Solar.First thing first I was impressed by how easy and fast the process was and how professional the team is. They answer every question and concern I had. Very well organized company, great team players. I definitely recommend them.

Shimi C.

From beginning to end my system went up without a fault I had no idea what went into actually getting a solar system and they had no issue with going over ever detail I could think to bring up only took day and half to get system up and fully running I can't wait to start seeing the savings thank you southwest solar!

Bessi S.

Great service!! So nice to work with a professional ppl!! And great price!!! They finish the work in no tine.. and give you the best feeling:)))

Tzlil L.

Great company I called southwest solar after friend recommendation and they came to my house for the site assessment and the system calculations in 24 hours they come back with the layout plan a day after and we signed contract... After 5 days i got final inspection with the city and my system turned on.. I definitely recommending southwest solar for your solar home

Moran B.

I called last week to get an estimated for my dad house in valley village and they have the best customer services from all other company that came so far . Of I will Do the job this company will be the first to have it done. Thanks

Adam B.

Thank you Southwest Solar so happy I used your company! I've called and shopped around with several other companies before hand and couldn't believe the great price given and the work was even more impeccable! Everything was done as promised and all questions answered like true professionals! Choose them you won't be disappointed!

Nicole H.

finding a reliable and long distance solar company was a task but luckily I came across southwest solar on yelp.they showed me few layout designs before making the final decision and ones we agreed it takes them another week to get the permit and start with the installation all the installation process was 2 days included thecity inspection I got my PTO 3 days after from Edison so after all the all process was 2 weeks from signing the contract to the turn on. I love my solar and really recommend them for your solar project

Aharoni A.

Eddie who works in the office was a delight to work with , very professional , pleasant and kept me updated with the work as they did a great job on my Mother's roof . I recommend southwest solar . Great job

Lori T.

I've gone through multiple companies before I chose SouthWest. I thought it was a big investment, but it turns out it's simple to save as long as you have the right crew and the right company to install your solar. SouthWest didn't waste my time, and besides not having an electric bill anymore I didn't even notice the difference in switching over to solar. For their customer service and easy to deal with install I would recommend this company.

Guy L.

One of the better experiences I have had with doing upgrades to my house. Southwest solar gave me a very competitive bid after shopping around for a few months to get the best deal and the best company. I was very happy with the job, the crew was always on time, always professional and always cleaned up the site. I just got my first bill since installing the system and am seeing great savings! Would highly recommend!

Moran B.

Highly recommended!!! They answered all my questions and was giving me updates on every step of installation. The owner is very accommodating, the people are very knowledgeable and helpful and the best part is I didn't pay anything out of pocket because of the Hero program. Thank you!

James A.

Tank you for great experience!!! I recommend south west solar as the best solar company in Loa Angeles county.. Thy are very professional and clean, they also provide US made materials for good prices..

Daniel C.

I was looking for a reliable solar company in the area, and I was referred to this company by a friend of mine who also got solar from them. I was nervous about the process, but right from the start South West Solar representatives were very understanding of my situation. My electric bills were around $150/month, and they found me a way to spend less monthly on solar, which is what I was looking for!! They were surprisingly fast with the install, and very nice throughout the whole process. I love that I don't need to worry about increased bills, and I love my solar! I highly recommend this company!

Shiran K.

After checking with three other companies we chose Southwest Solar.  We love it!  We got an amazing price, installation was fast and easy and now we barely have an electric bill.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting solar.

Daniel L.

I used this company after friends recommendations, Asher came to my house and gave me free estimate for new solar system for my Home. He left all the paperwork with his business card and I told him that I want to get some more estimates, one day after i was received an email with full set of plans and all the equipment that on the estimate I took 2 more estimates and all of them was much more than Southwest estimate so i decided to call Asher again and close the deal.. I living in Sherman Oaks And all the process was 4 days from the agreement to the city final inspection I would definitely recommend this company to everyone who looking for solar They fast professional and clean, I used to pay average of $250 for my electric bills and now $5-$20.

Don B.

No more electric bills, thats what made me happy with South West. Living in la and paying electricity is hard, but this company really helped out and now i dont have to worry about a monthly bill again. Thank you so much!

Jonathan C.

I wanted to go solar for a long time and spoke with representatives from many companies before going with Southwest Solar. Asher, the owner, was extremely knowledgeable and patiently worked with me to design the perfect system for my needs. If you want a solar company with experience, know-how, customer service, and competitive pricing to boot, look no further!

Aviel B.

Looked at a lot of other quotes for solar, and this company was the one that stood out. The price was fair, but I liked them because they say with me and showed me different options on payments. Since it's a big commitment I really needed to know what I was getting myself into, and Southwest helped me. Now I have solar and making payments for my own electricity instead of renting from LADWP!  Thanks Southwest!

David K.

Solar Saving You Money, See If You Qualify Now!!!

With SouthWest Solar you can save money on your electric bill.