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Solar Panels Service and Maintenance

Solar Panels Service North Hollywood


While our solar panel systems are very durable and require little maintenance, something could go wrong over the 25 – 30 years life span. The good news is that we offer service and maintenance for your solar panel system. Our expert solar contractors have the skills and expertise it takes to service and maintain residential and commercial solar panel systems.

Affordable, Timely and Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service and Maintenance

You will be happy to know that solar panels are made of tempered glass. Since they are made of tempered glass, they are able to withstand hail as well as other types of increment weather. While solar panels themselves do not have movable parts, the tracking mounts do. It is a good idea to hire a professional to inspect and maintain the solar power system for optimal performance. An experienced solar contractor should only perform any needed repairs on solar panels and components. Southwest Solar provides service and maintenance that is affordable, timely and professional. Our clients rave about our service and maintenance plans in Southern California.

Safety First, Hire a Professional to Clean Solar Panels

Southern California is a place where smog, dust and dirt are common. Smog, dust and dirt can accumulate onto the solar panels and might cause a dip in production. The good news is that there is an easy solution – cleaning. Cleaning solar panels is recommended to achieve optimum performance. You can clean solar panels much the same way you clean your windshield. Safety is always a big concern so for safer results, hire a professional to get on your roof to clean the solar panels. Our competitive prices on solar panels service and maintenance makes it easy to keep the panels at maximum output performance.

Commercial Solar Panels Service and Maintenance

Southwest Solar offers superior cleaning and maintenance service for commercial solar panels. Professional service and maintenance is available for carport solar panels, rooftops, tracker systems, and ground-mounted panels. Ensure maximum productivity keeping the solar panels clean throughout the year. We recommend at least twice a year cleaning and maintenance for optimal performance.

What Service and Maintains Entails

Our preventative and corrective programs are designed to ensure your solar power system performs at optimal capacity. Our affordable professional service and maintenance includes:
·    Routine service scheduling and asset inspections, including inverter maintenance
·    Electrical and mechanical preventive maintenance
Solar Panels Service and Maintenance·    Electrical and mechanical corrective maintenance, as needed
·    Timely and responsive customer service and emergency response
·    Accurate PV module cleaning and inspection
·    Performance monitoring to ensure optimal performance
·    Comprehensive reports that include an outline of the key issues, what maintenance duties we performed and future recommendations for each service performed

Contact our Southwest Solar representative today to schedule our routine service and maintenance plans. We can help ensure optimal performance for residential and commercial solar panels.

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