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Solar Panel Installation

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When it comes to solar panels installation, placement is extremely important. In order to maximize your solar panels production, you will want to have them installed in a place for maximum sunlight exposure. In most homes, the rooftop receives the maximum amount of sunlight exposure. This is why rooftop installations are so popular. With an abundant amount of sunshine, Southern California is the perfect location for solar panels installation, whether installed on a rooftop or on the ground.

Personalized Services and Custom Solar Panels Installation

At Southwest Solar, we know that every home is different. This is why we offer a personalized service to maximize your solar panels production. Our custom design team will design your solar PV system to be the perfect match for your home’s architecture. Every home and family has their own electrical needs and with our experience and expertise, we will meet the projected goals for your solar power system. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to power your home with clean, solar energy. We are ready to show you the custom solar panels installation and designs we have done for clients throughout Southern California.

Where to Install Solar Panels

You might be wondering if your roof is suitable for solar. The best way to find out if your roof is suitable for solar panel installation is to schedule an on-site evaluation with our solar expert. Our solar experts will be able to determine if your roof is suitable. Factors that may determine suitability include the direction and pitch angle of the roof. In general, a south-facing roof is ideal. However, most any direction facing roof will be compatible for solar panels.

The size and shape of your roof is another factor to consider. A small roof may still be able to accommodate solar panels. We have custom designed the layout of the panels for smaller roofs as well as roofs with obstructions, such as skylights. Too much shade can be an issue for solar panels. After all, solar panels require sunlight to convert to usable electricity. It may be a good idea to remove any trees that bring too much shade to your rooftop solar panels location. Flat or sloping roofs are compatible with solar panels as are most roofing materials such as composite, wood, cement tile, slate, tar, gravel or metal roofs. Our experienced installers know about all roof materials, making sure to take extra care with slate and clay tile roofs.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Installation

• Space Optimization
• Aesthetically Pleasing
• Faster to Install

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Solar Panels Installation Los AngelesWhile not as common as rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar may be the right option for you. You can have a much larger PV system if you have a lot of unused land on your property. A larger PV system means you can generate even more electricity, which translates to greater savings.

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Installation

• Installation Size (can have a much larger PV system)
• Orientation
• Can Avoid Shady Areas

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