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Solar Panel Installation Specialists Beverly Hills

Solar Energy Panels Beverly HillsSurrounded by the city of Los Angeles and Hollywood, it is easy to see why more than 34,000 people love to call Beverly Hill home. Famous spots in Beverly Hills include the Rodeo Drive shopping district, where you are bound to spot a celebrity or two. At Southwest Solar, we do not pay attention to your celebrity status. What we care about is providing a means for our clients and customers to save money, energy and contribute to helping the environment. Our solutions includes solar power systems, energy efficient doors and windows as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling that is “green” and stylish.

Solar Panel Installation Specialists in Beverly Hills

Solar power is a hit in Beverly Hills 90210. Our clients and customers love to save money and with our solar panels and professional installation, savings is just a phone call away. Any homeowner in Beverly Hills that is looking to make the switch to solar will be glad that they did. Southwest Solar has installed solar on just about every type of home in the area. We know where to put solar panels on roofs, no matter what type of roof it may be. We provide an exceptional value because we know the challenges involved with solar panel roof installation, including tile roofs, a popular roof type in Beverly Hills. Feel confident in choosing a solar company that you can trust. Our trained and experienced solar panel installers have helped us earn the reputation as being a top solar company in Southern California.

Beverly Hills Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Beverly Hills has been home to many notable people such as Demi Moore, Albert Brooks, and Lucille Ball, to name just a few. All of these notable people know the value of home remodeling and so does Southwest Solar. Another specialty of ours including solar power is our expertise in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. No matter what size home in Beverly Hills you live in, it can always use an upgrade. Our design team keeps up to date with all of the latest trends in bathrooms and kitchens. Designs such as open concept kitchens are a design that never goes out of fashion. However, appliances, sinks, faucets, flooring, backsplash and kitchen cabinets do. Our specialty is to help you save. Consider replacing energy hogs and water-wasting faucets to newer products that are designed with both style and conservation in mind.

Save Money, Save Energy. Go Solar Today!

Homeowners in Beverly Hills that are ready for an upgrade and home improvement need to schedule an appointment today. Our local contractors are licensed, skilled and experienced in solar panel installs, installing energy efficient windows and doors, as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Call us today and let us discuss the fabulous solar power and home remodeling options available.

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