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Solar Panels Southern California


Southwest Solar has proven to be a leader in solar, home improvement and general contractor services in the Southern California area. Our goal is to help you save with innovative solar power systems, energy efficient windows and doors, as well as increase home value with our inspiring kitchen and bathroom remodeling service. Our friendly and experienced general contractors and electricians are licensed and take great pride in all of the work we do. We love it when our residential and commercial clients see the final product, with a look of excitement for the future.

Saving Money, Saving the Planet and Adding Value

Did you know that you could reduce your energy bill from 50 – 100%? Solar power is here to stay and is only getting better. Today’s solar panels offer better quality and efficiency. We know how great of an investment solar panel systems, and so do are growing list residential or commercial clients. Going solar makes sense for both residential and commercial rooftops and ground floors. We care about our planet and we hope to leave a greener planet for our children, one solar PV system at a time. Our goal is for every home in Southern California to go solar. While that may be just a pipe dream, with the prices going down and electric bills going up, there is no better time than right now to go solar. Help us make the solar dream a reality. We can help you go solar today with best quality products and competitive installation prices.

Much More Than a Solar Contractor

While we specialize in empowering the residents in Southern California with solar, we also offer exceptional general contracting services. Solar Contractor Solar PanelsHomeowners are raving about our bathroom and kitchen remodels. Our licensed general contractors bring their experience and expertise to every remodeling project. We keep our communication lines open through the entire process. Our one-on-one approach means you get a personalized service that you can count on. Working closely with all residential and commercial clients ensures a positive experience with invaluable rewards. Let us lead the way and show you what our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services can do for you.

Get Started Today

Get started today, whether it is solar installation, energy efficient windows and doors, or kitchen and bath remodeling, the Southwest Solar team is ready to speak with you and make it happen. We can turn a stressful situation into a pleasant and positive experience. We are available to any questions or concerns. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation today (855) 808-8887.


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