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Residential Solar Savings Tarzana

Residential Solar Savings Tarzana CATarzana is a desirable zip code in the Los Angeles area. In fact, many notable people have lived or live in Tarzana including Demi Lovato, Jon Lovitz, Maya Rudolph and Bobby Womack, to name just a few. We love the area and are excited to offer our services to the over 37,000 residents. Southwest Solar offers local area expertise for solar power, home remodeling, and energy efficient savings.

Residential Solar Savings

All of our customers and clients are looking for ways to reduce energy use and save money. This is why we have been so successful. Going solar is an excellent value that pays for itself in just a few years. Once a solar PV system has been installed on a rooftop or ground, homeowners will boast about how much they have lowered their electric bill. In fact, many homeowners are getting money back and totally eliminating the need and dependency of the utility company. It is a great feeling to be free from having to deal with electric utility companies. As great as saving money may be, a solar PV system is also a great benefit for our planet. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money, what a great way to live life. Call us today to find out which solar panel and PV system is right for your rooftop or property in Tarzana.

Tarzana Kitchen Remodeling

Southwest Solar keeps up to date with the latest trends in kitchen remodeling. If you have an older home in Tarzana, you might be a good candidate for a kitchen remodel. Love your home and your kitchen. We work with you closely. Our goal is to design and build a kitchen remodel that you have been dreaming about. An experienced crew of home remodeling design specialists and general contractors is able to make your dream kitchen come true. One of the most popular kitchen remodels is an open kitchen. Remove the walls and bring rooms together. Open kitchens are a hit no matter how big or small your kitchen footage may be.

Save with Energy Efficient Windows

It is time to replace those old windows with energy efficient windows. Old windows can bring a draft into your home that might lead you to activate your HVAC unit more than you have to. This can cause a spike in your electrical bill. Besides reducing energy costs, energy efficient windows look great and add value to your home. Southwest Solar contractors have the expertise required to remove old windows and replace them with an updated, energy efficient window that looks incredible.

Call a Southwest Solar representative today for more information on our services. We provide a free consultation no matter what you are looking for. Go solar and save! Call us today to get started (855) 808-8887.

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