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Long Beach Solar Panel PV Specialists

Long Beach Solar Panel Photovoltaic SpecialistsWith plenty of year-round sunshine and a wide range of applications available, Long Beach is ready to go solar. Southwest Solar is proud to service the solar power and home remodeling needs of Long Beach residents. We have a variety of energy saving solutions for both home and business. Our energy saving solutions for home and business include solar power systems, energy efficient doors and windows, and high SEER rating HVAC systems. Homeowners looking to increase the value of their home can turn to us for home remodeling projects that include kitchen remodels and bath remodels. Get started today with a free consultation and speak with our friendly specialist.

Long Beach is the second-largest city in the Los Angeles area, with over 460,000 residents spread throughout the area. Though it is a coastal city, there is much more to Long Beach than surf and sand. In fact, the port of Long Beach is the second busiest port in the United States. There are a variety of commercial, industrial and office space throughout the area. With so many commercial/office and residential properties in Long Beach, it is a perfect opportunity to go solar. Southwest Solar has been able to help homeowners, property managers and business owners reduce energy use with the installation of our top quality solar panels.

Long Beach Solar Panel PV Specialists

From residential rooftops, to commercial buildings and parking structure rooftops, solar panels can be placed in a variety of places to harness the sun’s energy. Southwest Solar specializes in proper placement to maximize the sun energy potential. Our solar specialist will determine the best spot on your rooftop to place our high quality mounting systems and high performance solar panels. Our commercial clients boast about reducing operating costs and reducing carbon footprint. Long Beach homeowners can experience huge residential solar savings. In fact, once the initial investment is paid, homeowners can expect to pay off the standard solar power system in just six years. Imagine being able to cut ties with the local utility company and even get money back? Make it a reality and go solar with Southwest Solar.

Valuable Energy Saving and Remodeling

With the addition of solar panels on your home, you are sure to increase the value of your property. With the installation of energy efficient doors and windows, you can add even more value to your home. At Southwest Solar, we can replace old windows and upgrade to energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows will not only reduce energy costs, they also look great on any home. Perhaps all of the money you save will enable you to remodel the kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners in Long Beach that are ready to remodel their home can count on our experienced general contractors for home improvement projects everyone will love.

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