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Glendale Solar Service and Maintenance

Glendale Solar Service and MaintenanceGo Solar Glendale and get ready to save money! Saving money and saving the environment can go hand-in-hand when people and businesses embrace solar energy. Glendale is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles and one that is rich in history and neighborhoods. It is located just 8 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles, giving it a great location for the over 200,000 residents to call home. Many people work and live in the area, with a variety of homes, apartment buildings, parking structures and commercial buildings with rooftops primed for solar. Southwest Solar provides a complete solar solution for residential and commercial applications in the Glendale area.

Replace Old Windows with Energy Efficient Windows

Solar is not the only way to save energy for a home. Southwest Solar gets many requests to replace old windows with energy efficient windows. Replacing old windows makes sense, especially in Glendale where many of the homes are older and feature old windows that let in a draft and cause you to turn on the HVAC unit more than you would like. Another advantage of replacing old windows with energy efficient windows is the aesthetically pleasing look these types of windows bring to any home. Improve energy efficiency in your home while increasing the value and look of your house.

Commercial Solar Applications

Glendale’s many modern skyscrapers offer the perfect opportunity for solar. In fact, Glendale is home to large companies such as Dreamworks Animation and the city’s Grand Central Business Centre. Companies can benefit greatly from the installation of solar on a roof, whether the roof is for a parking garage or on a modern office building. Southwest Solar realizes the potential benefits of commercial solar panels in Glendale. Our Glendale commercial clients are able to get the complete solar PV system from us. We provide everything you need to get started in savings with solar power. Once commercial solar panels are installed, our customers can expect reduced operating costs and locking in lower energy costs for many years to come.

Glendale Solar Service and Maintenance

Southwest Solar is proud of the solar panel systems we install. While they require very little maintenance, it does help to have a company that you can trust in case something goes wrong. We feature a variety of solar maintenance and service plans where we do all the work necessary for optimal output. Let our licensed contractor climb the roof and clean off any dirt and debris from the panels. Our experience is critical when inspecting the tracking mounts and other parts of the PV system.

Southwest Solar offers a total solution for solar power and home improvement. We take pride in our prompt and reliable contractors and service, no matter where you live in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call us today and schedule an on-site consultation and evaluation. Go solar today and save!

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