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Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy Saving Windows and Doors


Save with energy efficient windows and doors. Replacing old windows with energy efficient windows and doors can save energy and money. In fact, when you upgrade to energy efficient windows and doors, you can lower your household energy bill by up 12-percent. In addition to saving money, you lower energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants while reducing your home’s carbon footprint. As fantastic as it is to save money and the environment, new windows and doors are also aesthetically pleasing and improve the appearance of your home.

Give Your Home an Energy Makeover with Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Southwest Solar is ready to help you maximize the energy efficiency in your home. We can help you make the right choice for your home. If your doors and windows are not closing properly, it lets in a draft. Another problem with old doors and windows is the way they open and close. With new doors and windows, you will love being able to flawlessly open and close the doors and windows. Enjoy the combination of flawless operation, enhanced appearance and energy efficiency. With our experienced general contractors, we can replace your home’s old windows, exterior doors, interior doors, and patio doors. We have replaced old doors and windows in happy homes throughout Southern California with energy saving windows and doors.

Benefits of Efficient Windows

Efficient windows do not only look great, they provide valuable benefits.
·    Reduce Energy and Cost Savings: efficient windows offer energy and cost savings in both cold and hot seasons. Expect savings on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.
·    Lower HVAC Costs: since you are using HVAC units less, you will be able to reduce the peak heating and cooling loads, saving you money.
·    Make Home More Comfortable: a draft can make the home an uncomfortable temperature. New airtight sealed windows prevent any draft from coming in, cold or hot air.
·    Increased Light and Views: new windows are designed better to reduce unwanted heat gain while still letting the sunlight into your home.
·    Reduce Condensation: efficient windows create a warmer interior glass surface. A warmer interior glass surface reduces frost and condensation.
·    Reduce Fading of Household Items: too much exposure to damaging sunlight can fade carpet, artwork, paint, wood furniture, leather furniture and other fabrics. Coated efficient windows influence the type of intensity emitted by sunlight.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors North HollywoodWe Ensure Professional Installation

Rather than trying to install efficient windows and door by yourself, opt for professional installation from a Southwest Solar trained professional. Proper, professional installation by a licensed contractor is necessary to get optimal window performance. Professional installation ensures an airtight fit and helps to avoid water leakage. We offer competitive prices on quality window installation.

Contact a Southwest Solar representative today to get started. Schedule a free consultation and find out what energy efficient windows and doors can do for your home.

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