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Solar is not just for residential properties, it is also a huge benefit for the business world. Commercial solar panels are the perfect solution to help businesses lower their electric bills, while reducing their carbon footprint and increasing profits. Commercial solar panels are a win-win for both business owners and the environment. Southwest Solar is here to help Southern California businesses, government and military with a commercial solar power solution.

Types of Commercial Solar Panels Applications

There is a huge potential for commercial solar panels. Southwest Solar offers best-quality solar panels for commercial purposes to power your clean energy potential. No matter what your site may be – empty roofs, open fields, sweeping parking lots – our expertise in solar panel installation ensures the panels provide maximum solar optimization.

•    Utility Scale Systems: Southwest Solar has the expertise and experience to design, build and install solar power (PV) systems that are big enough to power most homes and businesses.
•    Rooftop Systems: we install commercial solar panels on flat, standing seam, or sloped rooftops. We can customize solar panels to fit almost any rooftop.
•    Ground Systems: maximize the open square footage on your property with commercial solar panel installation. In fact, you may be able to generate enough power for nearby buildings and equipment.
•    Carport Systems: carport and parking lots are an ideal location for solar panels. In fact, solar panels can provide shade while generating clean energy.

Top Performance Commercial Solar PV System

Get the complete commercial solar PV system from Southwest Solar. We provide everything you need for your commercial building, carport, or ground system. Professional installation by licensed contractors and electricians to ensure optimal performance.
•    High Performance Solar Panels: feature an elegant design to bring a sleek and modern appearance to a commercial building.
•    High Quality Mounting System: our feature-rich mounting systems are ideal for all roof types, from pitched roof to flat roof. We also feature the best mounting system for ground-mounted solar systems.
•    Inverses and Monitoring: we feature long-lasting, high-quality critical components for your solar power system.

Advantage of Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels North HollywoodUtilize that open roof space and expansive usable land for solar energy. Harnessing the energy of the sun is advantageous for businesses, government and military. Being green and going solar is good for business as it makes a powerful statement to your customers, employees and the community.
•    Reduce Operating Costs
•    Lock-in Energy Costs for years to come
•    Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Southwest Solar features superior performing solar panels. We use solar panels that capture more sunlight to convert into clean, efficient energy. Going solar is a smart investment, so it makes sense to choose our high performance solar panels for optimum energy output. Contact us today for an on-site evaluation and consultation. Go solar and save!

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